D series industrial chips

D series industrial chips

D series industrial chips(D9/D3) are high-reliability, high-security, high real-time, and high-performance , designed specially for such advanced industrial applications as a new generation of electric power intelligent equipment, industrial Internet equipment, industrial control equipment, industrial robots, engineering machinery and rail transit traffic.

They have adopted multi-core heterogeneous chip architecture, equipped with built-in high-performance Cortex-A55 CPU core and dual-core lockstep high real-time and high-reliability Cortex R5 core; supported secure boot and supporting secure OS, built-in HSM support TRNG, AES, RSA, SHA, SM2/ 3/4/9 and built-in large-capacity level III Cache as well as multi-interrupt parallel response execution function; and integrated with rich peripheral interfaces including PCIe3.0/USB3.0/Ethernet TSN/SDIO3.0/CAN FD/Octal SPI/SPI/I2C/UART&LIN.

Product Performance

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