V9 Chip-ADAS and Autonomous driving
V9 Series processor is the automotive processor designed for next-generation ADAS system.It integrates the latest high-performance CPU,GPU and CV engines to support the increasing demands on computing for next-generation ADAS applications.V9-F processor also supports Giga-bit Ethernet,CAN-FD for seamless integration into automotive. system at minimal BOM cost.With MIPI-CSI and Parallel CSI interfaces,V9-F can support multiple camera inputs covering 360 AVM,front-view,rear-view and in-car cameras.V9-F also integrates an ultra-reliable Cortex-R5 platform with two CPU cores in dual-core lock-step mode for safety-critical tasks with high functional safety integrity level.
Product Advantage
CV engine
Independent CV engine supporting picture pre-processing
Extend AI computing modules with PCIe
Domain control
Domain control and motion control for autonomous driving
Sensor fusion
Multiple sensor interfaces includes high resolution cameras, Radar and Lidar
Product Features
64-bit ARM Cortex-A55 Core
V8.2 architecture
Support ECC and parity check
9th generation PowerVR GPU
Vision processing
Dedicated computer vision engine for post-processing
Video codec
H.264 encode and decode
Support full HD 1080 video play
Several MIPI DSI interfaces
High speed interfaces
Gigabit ethernet with TSN
External Storage
Support secure boot with OSPI&QSPI
Support eMMC5.1
DDR4/LPDDR4/LPDDR4x controller
General peripherals
V9F Refrence Board