X9 - Infotainment SoC

X9 - Infotainment SoC

The X9 series is an automotive-grade SoC family, targeting the next generation of automotive e-cockpit system. With high-performance CPU, GPU, VPU and AI integrated, it can satisfy the increasing computing power demands of e-cockpits market. It also supports major auto software and platforms.

In addition, the X9 series is a highly integrated SoC. Build-in PCIe3.0, USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, CAN-FD and etc. components make X9 a suitable and cost-efficient choice for car infotainment system. Besides, X9 series also embedded a safety island using a dual-core lockstep Cortex-R5, it grants products to support high reliable automotive functions.

Product Performance

Product Block Diagram