G9 chip-Vehicle gateway connecting multi-domain
G9 Series processor is the automotive applications processor designed for next-generation vehicle central gateway.Based on heterogeneous multi-core architecture,G9-X integrates a high-performance Cortex-A55 CPU platform for feature-rich applications in future,and an ultra-reliable Cortex-R5 platform in dual-core lock-step mode for reliable applications with high functional safety integrity level,G9-X supports various interfaces,including 2x PCle3.0,2x USB3.0,2x Giga-bit Ethernet with TSN,up to 20x CAN-FD and 16x UART.In addition to that,G9-X takes advantage of the 2nd-generation SemiDrive package engine (SPDEv2) to support high-throughput,low-latency data exchange between these interface,with very light loading on the CPU G9-X also integrates HSM with true random number generator and high-performance Crypto engines for AES,RSA,ECC,SHA as well as SM2/3/4/9 standards.It is designed to meet the security requirement on secure boot,OTA,V2X and various automootive use cases in the future.
Product Advantage
Vehicle center gateway
Center gateway connecting multiple domains,Support C-2X acceleration
Low latency, configurable and high data throughout SDPEv2 for packet processing
Communication security
High performance HSM,Support commercial cryptography
Vehicle connectivity
Owns 20 channels CAN-FD and dual gigabit TSN ethernet
Product Features
64-bit ARM Cortex-A55 core
V8.2 architecture
Support ECC and parity check
Safe CPU
Dual-lockstep Cortex-R5 with ECC
SemiDrive 2nd generation packet processing engine,Support ethernet、CAN and LIN protocol
Multiple TRNG
High performance hardware security mondule supporting commercial cryptography
Communication interfaces
Several gigabit ethernet
Multiple CAN-FD interface
Multi-LIN interface
High speed I/O
Support USB 3.0
Support PCIe with RC and EP modes
External Storage
Support secure boot with OSPI&QSPI
Support eMMC5.1
DDR4/LPDDR4/LPDDR4x controller
General peripherals
G9X Refrence Board