Gateway SoC

G9 - Gateway SoC

The G9 series processor is a high-performance automotive-grade SoC designed for the next generation of in-vehicle central gateways. It adopts the dual-core heterogeneous design, including the high-performance Cortex-A55 CPU core and dual-core lockstep high-reliability Cortex-R5 core. It can fulfill the requirements for the application of various future gateways, high function safety, and high reliability.

Additionally, the G9 series processor is equipped with a variety of peripheral interfaces, including the PCIe, USB3.0 interface, and various transmission interfaces, such as Ethernet, CAN-FD, and LIN. Based on the said conditions, and with the adoption of SemiDrive's 2nd generation of the packet processing engine SDPEv2, G9 can exchange data between different interfaces at high traffic, low latency, and low CPU usage. Additionally, G9 is equipped with the built-in HSM, including a true random number generator and high-performance encryption and decryption engine, and supports the AES, RSA, ECC, SHA, and other State Cryptography algorithms to satisfy the needs of the secure boot and various future in-vehicle safety applications, such as OTA, V2X and so on. Furthermore, the latest version of G9 supports the integrated innovative cross-domain solution, providing customers with a seamless connection to future-oriented central computing platforms.

Product Performance

Product Block Diagram